We are Rosa Isabel & Susana

Designers and hand crafters behind Mary with You.

We love simple, catholic, everyday-wear jewelry. We craft each unique piece by hand in our workshop. We both are stay at home moms, we love our husbands and kids and enjoy running this shop together as friends.
We are Rosa Isabel & Susana

We strive to create beautiful products for You

To help you be close to Jesus at all times

  • Our Marian bracelets are all easy to match, easy to wear around your wrist, for your daily activities.

    Stylish yet durable and YOU WILL BE REMINDED OF THE PROTECTIVE LOVE FROM OUR MOTHER MARY AND JESUS. Never ever be without your decade bracelet to remind you of Jesus in your daily activities.

  • For you to have the Virgin Mary, near and present, to follow her example of love for Jesus. As our kind and loving Mother who protects you all the time.

    The 10 roses in the logo stand for the 10 Hail Mary's on each Rosary Mystery; the 12 stars are the stars that crown the Virgin Mary in other revealed images of our Lady.

  • Mary with You stands for Catholics being different, being bold, being the exception and being brave.

    Each collection is inspired by the rosary litanies. Our friendship was strengthened because of our devotion of praying the Rosary together with our children and families.